“Longing to Hear Taylor Swift’s Music Alone: Swifty’s Bittersweet Journey Marrying Her Idol’s Former Flame”

Vick Hope, the wife of DJ Calvin Harris, shared that she enjoys listening to Taylor Swift’s music, but she only feels comfortable doing so when her husband is not around.

Calvin Harris' Wife Listens to Taylor Swift When He's 'Away' | Us Weekly

Calvin Harris's Wife, Vick Hope, Listens to His Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift's Music

Taylor Swift fans' suffering when marrying... their idol's ex-boyfriend - 1

During a recent chat, British host, journalist, and writer Vick Hope (aged 34) confessed her unwavering love for singer Taylor Swift. Interestingly, the twist here is that she is married to none other than Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris (aged 40).

“When my hubby steps out, it’s Taylor Swift time for me,” Hope shared in a recent interview, sparking quite the chatter online.

Harris and Hope tied the knot in September 2023. Before that, DJ Calvin Harris dated Taylor Swift back in 2015, with their relationship coming to an end in 2016 after about a year together.

Taylor Swift fans' suffering when marrying... their idol's ex-boyfriend - 2

Initially, Swift and Harris parted ways on good terms, but the tension arose when details emerged about Swift’s involvement in Harris’ success. This led to strained relations and made it challenging for the two to interact with each other in the future.

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope are married! DJ and Radio 1 star 'tie the knot with star-studded Glastonbury-themed wedding' | Daily Mail Online

While in a relationship with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift collaborated on creating new music with him under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. The duo worked together on the successful track “This Is What You Came For”. However, after their split, it came to light that Swift had contributed to the songwriting process, showcasing her support for Harris even after their relationship ended.

Calvin Harris' wife Vick Hope reveals she's a Taylor Swift fan - Irish Star

During that time, there was speculation that Harris was trying to hog all the credit for himself and didn’t want to publicly acknowledge Taylor Swift’s role in creating his new music. To address these rumors, Calvin Harris took to social media to post a series of harsh status updates directed at his ex-girlfriend.

Harris felt that the way information was being revealed was negatively impacting him. He claimed that Swift initially wanted to keep her involvement in his songwriting a secret by using the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. However, when this information came to light after their breakup, Harris felt betrayed and played by Swift.

The tension between Swift and Harris post-breakup was a hot topic in the media and among the public. In 2017, Swift released the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” almost a year after their split, which showcased her bitterness towards the relationship.

One memorable scene in the music video shows Taylor Swift transforming into a zombie and emerging from a grave with the name Nils Sjoberg engraved on the tombstone, referencing their past history together.

Calvin Harris' Wife Vick Hope Said She's A Taylor Swift Fan

From this picture, it is apparent that Taylor Swift had her share of heartache after ending things with Harris.

Calvin Harris' Wife Vick Hope Addresses Taylor Swift Breakup

After the incident, Swift and Harris made sure to steer clear of each other at social gatherings. Their interactions remained minimal, devoid of any cordial exchanges. A recent revelation by Harris’s wife, stating that she exclusively listens to Taylor Swift’s music when her husband is away, hints at the lasting discomfort the old story brings up for Harris, a reminder that the past encounter still lingers in his mind.

Calvin Harris' Wife Says She Listens to Taylor Swift When He's Away

When he left the house to listen to Taylor’s music: Swifty’s ‘sad ending’ when marrying the old lover of his idol. However, Vick Hope, his wife, expressed it in a way that many found humorous and intriguing. Swift’s fans were particularly thrilled by Vick Hope’s revelation because it showcased Taylor Swift’s charm towards… the new partner of her ex-lover.

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