Giant Rabbit Love: Get to Know Jester, the 20lb Bunny who Loves STRICTLY Come Dancing and Luxuriates in His Bedroom Retreat

Meet Jester, the gigantic 20lb rabbit who is a devoted follower of Strictly Come Dancing. He is so enormous that he has his very own bedroom located on the upper floor of his owner’s house. Lyn Hobson, a 60-year-old woman, sees Jester, who weighs the same as three chihuahuas, as her beloved child. At just 18 months old, this pampered bunny is already starting his modeling career, but his heart truly belongs to watching Strictly Come Dancing, his favorite TV show.

Jester, a 20lb pet rabbit, is a Continental Giant, one of the largest breeds of rabbit, and is so large he has his very own bedroom upstairs in owner's house. Pictured with owner, Lyn

Introducing Jester, a hefty 20lb pet bunny owned by Lyn in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Jester isn’t your average rabbit – he’s a Continental Giant, one of the largest rabbit breeds around. So big that he even has his own bedroom in Lyn’s house! Jester pretty much runs the show in Lyn’s home, wandering wherever he pleases. With not one, not two, but three comfy beds scattered around for his relaxation needs. Lyn can always count on Jester to be by her side, shadowing her every move. When it’s time to unwind, Jester loves nothing more than lounging on the sofa and watching Strictly Come Dancing. Lyn, a retired chef, enjoys sharing Jester’s photos on social media, resulting in a growing fanbase from far and wide. One fan happens to be a rabbit-loving author, leading Jester to exciting opportunities like featuring on book covers and starring in children’s stories. Lyn hopes Jester’s popularity will open up more modeling jobs, so she’s even created a profile for him on a website for potential gigs. Who knows, maybe Jester will be the next big model in the making!



60-year-old Lyn Hobson, hailing from Linconshire and living near Scunthorpe in North Linconshire, loves to spoil her pet rabbit Jester and says he’s a huge fan of the TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

Jester has his own bedroom upstairs in Lyn's house, which is full of his toys and hay (pictured). He has a litter tray to go to the toilet and Lyn said he is so well trained that he 'never makes a mess'

Jester has his special upstairs retreat at Lyn’s home, furnished with his favorite toys and a cozy bed of hay. Lyn shared that he is incredibly well-behaved, with accidents being a rare occurrence. She describes Jester as the perfect companion, noting his caring nature, relaxed demeanor, and impeccable manners. Lyn dotes on him like he’s her own child, and he is always by her side, whether she’s relaxing in front of the TV or doing chores around the house. Jester is quite the social bunny, always eager to be part of the action. Living with her husband, Peter, a former serviceman, and their child, Lyn welcomed Jester into their family when he was just a little bunny, acquired from a breeder in the North East on April 1st, giving him his fitting name. Lyn worked hard to train him so he could enjoy the comfort of their home instead of an outdoor hutch, which is typical for pet rabbits. Jester moves freely around the house, even stopping to clean his paws before coming inside from the garden. With multiple beds scattered throughout the house, including in his cozy room opposite to Lyn and Peter’s, Jester is truly living the life of luxury with his toys and hay. Lyn finds it amusing that not many people have a Continental Giant as a pet, but she couldn’t be happier with her gentle giant.

He has begun a career in bunny modelling and has posed for the front cover of an educational title

Jester even starred as the main character in a children's book

Lately, he started his career as a bunny model and has already graced the cover of a scholarly publication and played the lead role in a popular children’s book.

The gentle giant bunny is so well-behaved that he has free roam of the house and, according to Lyn, before entering the house from the garden he even wipes his paws

Meet Jester, the 20-pound giant rabbit who loves to dance and live the good life in his very own bedroom. Jester’s hugs are legendary, and his serious approach to dancing is truly inspiring.

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