“I Wished Him Well as I Listened to Taylor Swift: The Bittersweet Conclusion of Dating an Idol’s Ex”

The wife of DJ Calvin Harris, Vick Hope, revealed that she enjoys listening to the music of Taylor Swift, but prefers to play it only when her husband is not at home.

Calvin Harris' Wife Listens to Taylor Swift When He's 'Away' | Us Weekly

Calvin Harris's Wife, Vick Hope, Listens to His Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift's Music

Taylor Swift fans' suffering when marrying... their idol's ex-boyfriend - 1

During a recent chat, British host, journalist, and writer Vick Hope (34 years old) spilled the beans on her love for singer Taylor Swift. The twist? Well, Hope happens to be married to her idol’s former flame – Scottish DJ Calvin Harris (40 years old).

“When my husband steps out of the house, you can bet I’ve got Taylor Swift tunes blasting,” Hope confessed during the interview, sparking quite the buzz.

Harris and Hope tied the knot in September 2023. Before that, DJ Calvin Harris and singer Taylor Swift (34 years old) were an item back in 2015. Their relationship lasted about a year before ending in 2016.

Taylor Swift fans' suffering when marrying... their idol's ex-boyfriend - 2

Initially, given Swift and Harris’ breakup was relatively amicable. However, tensions arose when it was revealed that Swift had aided Harris in creating a successful hit. This caused a rift between the two parties, making it challenging for them to interact thereafter.

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope are married! DJ and Radio 1 star 'tie the knot with star-studded Glastonbury-themed wedding' | Daily Mail Online

During her relationship with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift collaborated with him on creating new songs under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. One of their successful collaborations was the hit track This Is What You Came For. After the couple parted ways, it was revealed by sources close to Swift that she had played a significant role in songwriting for Harris.

Calvin Harris' wife Vick Hope reveals she's a Taylor Swift fan - Irish Star

During that time, there were speculations among the public that Calvin Harris was seeking sole credit for his music and did not want to acknowledge Taylor Swift’s contribution to his new compositions. To address these rumors, Harris took to social media to post some bitter messages aimed at his former partner.

Harris felt that the way information was being shared was negatively impacting him. He claimed that Swift initially preferred to keep her involvement in his songwriting under wraps by using the alias Nils Sjoberg. However, after their breakup, this detail came to light and led to misunderstandings, leaving Harris feeling deceived. The post-breakup tension between Swift and Harris became a topic of interest for both the media and the public.

In 2017, nearly a year after their split, Swift released the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” in which she also expressed her bitterness over their failed relationship. In one scene, Swift transforms into a zombie emerging from a grave, with the name Nils Sjoberg inscribed on the tombstone, serving as a reminder of their past story together.

Calvin Harris' Wife Vick Hope Said She's A Taylor Swift Fan

This photo suggests that after ending things with Harris, Taylor Swift went through a tough time.

Calvin Harris' Wife Vick Hope Addresses Taylor Swift Breakup

Afterward, Swift and Harris made a point to steer clear of each other at social gatherings. They maintained a respectful distance and didn’t feel the need to exchange pleasantries. Harris’s wife’s revelation that she exclusively plays Taylor Swift’s music when her husband isn’t around hints at the tension that still lingers for Harris whenever he reflects on their past encounter.

Calvin Harris' Wife Says She Listens to Taylor Swift When He's Away

But the way his wife, Vick Hope, described it, had many people laughing and intrigued. Swift’s fans were especially excited about Vick Hope’s story because it showcased Taylor Swift’s charm towards… the new partner of her ex-lover.

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