The Uncovered Bugatti Bolide: A Desirable and Secure Hypercar in a League of Its Own

Do you know which car currently holds the title for being the fastest on the planet? Yep, it’s the Chiron Super Sport. However, that title is about to be taken over by the Bugatti Bolide track hypercar, which has already clocked over 310 mph. Just thinking about it makes my head spin!

The French-made Bolide is a stripped-down version designed to showcase its F1 composite-based monocoque body shell. It has been developed with the same exacting standards as a Le Mans race car, which is evident in its impressive performance. Although the Bolide won’t hit production lines for another year, this barebones version already gives us major Mad Max vibes.

Bugatti’s Bolide shell is a true testament to the hypercar’s appeal, even in its rawest form. The mere sight of it could awaken a desire to take it for a spin, and for us, it’s like the coolest go-kart to kickstart your Formula-1 journey on. But let’s not forget that the Bolide is still undergoing rigorous testing, including the rollover protection test where it withstood a whopping 7.5 tons of force on the A-pillar.

The incredible speed of the Bolide hypercar is mind-blowing, reaching a maximum of over 310 mph. This impressive feat can be attributed in part to its power-to-weight ratio of 0.67 horsepower per pound, as the Bolide only weighs 2,734 pounds but boasts an immense power output of 1,825 horsepower from its 8.0-liter W16 engine. In computer simulations of the vehicle running on the iconic Nürburgring racetrack, it managed to achieve a lap time of 5 minutes and 23.1 seconds, which is an impressive feat but still falls short of the record currently held by Porsche 919 Evo by 4 seconds.

Bugatti has announced that it will produce a very limited number of 40 units of the Bolide. This means that owning one will be a rare opportunity for wealthy individuals who are willing to pay a hefty price tag of over $4.3 million.

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