The Rock’s “Not So Fancy” Car Drives Fans Wild

Dwayne Johnson, famously known as “The Rock”, has made a name for himself in Hollywood through his dynamic roles in action-packed movies such as Fast Furious, Scorpion King, and The Mummy Returns. However, he also dabbled in the world of comedy by starring in the HBO series called Ballers.

In Ballers, Johnson portrays a retired athlete and the plot revolves around the lives of the players, which are both glamorous and troubled. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Johnson gets to drive some of the “not-so-good” cars featured in the film.

 The Rock tạo dáng bên hai chiếc siêu xe McLaren màu xanh cốm và cam nổi bật.

On her personal Instagram account, The Rock can be seen posing with two impressive McLaren supercars in a striking green and orange color scheme. Along with showcasing her impressive physique, the American celebrity also shares pictures of enviable drivers and their luxury rides. These include high-end vehicles like the McLaren 650S, Ferrari LaFerrari, Pagani Huayra, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, GTA Spano, Porsche, Bentley, and Jaguar. Fans can’t help but feel envious when admiring these stunning automobiles.

 ... Bentley mui trần trắng muốt...

As per The Rock’s recent Instagram post, he expressed his fondness for supercars such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and Pagani Huayra. Unfortunately, due to his massive body size, he cannot fit into these cars comfortably. The actor stands at a towering height of 1.96 meters and weighs around 118 kg.

 ...và Jaguar F-Type R Convertible cũng xuất hiện cùng The Rock trong phim Ballers.

As a result of this situation, the renowned performer decided to switch to sizable pickup trucks such as the Ford F-Series. According to his Instagram post, The Rock disclosed that he possesses three distinct Ford F-Series pickup trucks. One of his siblings left one on the family farm, while the other two are kept in a garage located in Florida, USA.

 Ford F-Series là dòng xe yêu thích của The Rock.

The Ford F-Series is closely associated with The Rock himself as he has become the face of this popular truck. He enjoys posing with the vehicle and sharing these images on Instagram, as well as expressing his admiration for the car.

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