The Bunny Miracle: A Divine Sign with a Crucifix-shaped Mark on a Pet Rabbit sparks Amazement and Wonder

Fluff suddenly developed the furry feature and has since been branded the 'Baby Jesus'

Fluff, the oversized brown bunny, had an unexpected twist in her story just before the Christmas holiday when a mysterious giant cross appeared on her forehead. Kate Hazel, Fluff’s owner, was alerted to this odd feature by her daughter Rosa. Amused by the sudden appearance of the cross, Kate and Rosa affectionately dubbed Fluff as the ‘Baby Jesus,’ as it seemed like she had sprouted the cross right in the middle of her forehead. Some people even likened the cross to St Piran’s Cross, sparking playful speculation about Fluff potentially being a reincarnation of St Piran, the Baby Jesus, or maybe even both. This surprising turn of events brought a festive and light-hearted feel to Fluff’s tale as she became the center of attention in Penzance, Cornwall.

Kate Hazel with her rabbit Fluff, who grew a pronounced cross on her forehead at Christmas

During the festive season, Kate Hazel noticed a unique cross-shaped mark on her forehead, while her beloved bunny Fluff accompanied her.

Fluff's bemused owner Ms Hazel, of Penzance, was alerted to the cross by her daughter Rosa

Ms Hazel, the lucky owner of Fluff from Penzance, was taken aback when her daughter Rosa pointed out the unique cross-shaped marking on their beloved pet rabbit’s forehead. Not being particularly religious herself, Ms Hazel found the surprise quite funny, simply dubbing Fluff as a “Cornish rabbit with a cross smack dab in the middle of her forehead.” She couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea of having a “hot cross bunny” in their garden until Easter. With uncertainty looming over whether the marking was a permanent addition or just a temporary quirk, Ms Hazel pondered over whether it was new fur sprouting or a funky pattern on Fluff’s coat. Playfully speculating about Fluff’s whimsical antics, she even joked about the rabbit sprouting a crop circle on her backside the following week. Despite the mystery surrounding Fluff’s appearance, the whole situation brought some much-needed light-heartedness to their household, proving that sometimes, pets truly are the best entertainers.

Ms Hazel said Fluff is 'just a Cornish rabbit with a cross in the middle of her forehead'

As per Ms. Hazel, Fluff is a bunny hailing from Cornwall who stands out with a special cross-shaped mark on her forehead.

Ms Hazel, who is not religious, said she is now hoping that Fluff will keep her cross until Easter

Ms Hazel said someone saw the mark and said it looks like St Piran's Cross (right) in Cornwall

Ms. Hazel noted that someone observed the symbol and noted its similarity to St Piran’s Cross, which is situated in Cornwall.

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