Surreal and Life-Like Shapes in the Natural World

In recent years, digital art has gained popularity, with Photoshop being a go-to tool for artists since the internet’s early days. To stay relevant in the creative scene, many artists have made the switch from traditional to digital art. With countless artworks being created daily, it takes significant creativity to stand out, which is precisely what Martijn Schrijver, an Amsterdam-based artist, accomplishes. Martijn’s art features an unconventional combination of nature, animals, and people that appear to be straight out of a dream. Drawing inspiration from nature, Martijn enjoys crafting surreal and humorous photo manipulations, like incorporating animals into landscapes. He finds it thrilling to browse through nature photos, coming up with surreal ideas that he brings to life using Photoshop.

Rewritten: Let’s talk about the wonders of nature, as seen on Pinterest!

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