“Rocking the Wet Hair and Sexy Latex: Katy Perry in Alexander McQueen”

Katy Perry has been making waves in both her personal and professional life since giving birth to her daughter Daisy last August. She recently performed at the Presidential inauguration and reportedly got married to Orlando Bloom in Hawaii last month. However, what really catches my attention is her fashion sense.


Perry’s fashion choices have never been subtle, and she continues to make bold statements even after becoming a mother. As a judge on American Idol, she has sported an array of outfits ranging from full cow print ensembles to custom Cong Tri designs. However, her latest outfit might just be her Sєxiest yet on the show. Perry donned an Alexander McQueen latex dress paired with messy wet-look blonde hair (which looked better than when she was a brunette), Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and chunky silver chain jewelry.


As expected, Katy Perry did not simply take a picture in front of a plain background. The singer chose to showcase her outfit by standing on a bathroom stall. She shared her fashionable moment on social media and encouraged her followers to watch the second part of American Idol. In her post, she wrote, “I love a fashionable bathroom moment. I turned the #AmericanIdol bathroom into my own runway. Don’t miss out and tune in for the second part of solos and celebrity duets tonight.”


Despite looking great, Perry admits that she is struggling to find time for everything as a new mother. During a recent episode of “Idol,” she shared with a contestant that she has stopped shaving her legs entirely since giving birth to Daisy. She explained that her lack of time is the reason behind this decision. However, when the contestant sang, she joked that the hair on her legs grew an inch and a half.

Katy Perry y su vestido de cuero que modeló en el baño - Foto 1

Perry placed her legs on the judge’s table, allowing Luke Bryant to take a closer look. He confirmed that she had leg hair.

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