Lady Gaga flaunts her curves in a fiery red ensemble as she showcases her third stunning look of the day

Known for her catchy pop tunes and eye-catching fashion choices, Lady Gaga has once again captured the spotlight with her three fabulous outfits in New York City. The 32-year-old singer channeled Marilyn Monroe in a stylish cocktail dress, rocked a bold yellow plaid suit, and turned heads in a sexy red mini dress during her outings. Showing off her toned arms and bronzed skin, Gaga looked stunning in the plunging white party dress that left little to the imagination.

For her second attempt at fashion, she added a touch of Mad Men flair by wearing a contemporary yellow and grey plaid business suit. To complete the vintage-inspired look, she accessorized with a sleek black leather clutch and oversized retro sunglasses.

Red hot: Capping off the fashion forward parade, Lady Gaga showcased her flawless physique in a bright red mini dress

Lady Gaga stole the show with her sizzling red mini dress, flaunting her perfect figure at the trendy fashion event.

Leggy lady: Her gorgeous gams were thrust on center stage as the hem of the couture number cut high on her thigh

Stunning woman: Her stunning long legs took center stage in a stylish couture dress with a high thigh cut. Lady Gaga wrapped herself in a bold red mini dress, flaunting her flawless body. She completed the look by draping a large tulle wrap over her shoulders, covering her sides and back.

Layered look: She swathed her petite shoulders in a humongous tulle wrap that covered her sides and back

Stylish ensemble: She adorned her delicate frame in a large tulle shawl that draped over her shoulders and wrapped around her waist.

Additions: Complimenting the scintillating style, she wore a large diamond bracelet, a brazen choker, and black sleeves

Enhancing her dazzling outfit, she adorned herself with a sizable diamond bracelet, a bold choker, and black sleeves. The songstress flaunted her stunning engagement ring, a gift from her partner Christian Carino last summer. Gaga and the CAA agent confirmed their relationship in February 2017, making their public debut at the Super Bowl. In a heartfelt essay for Refinery29, Gaga’s mother Cynthia shared how she instilled resilience in her daughters, Stefani, known as Gaga, and Natali, inspired by their 90-year-old grandmother Ronnie.

Mad about plaid: Her sophomore sartorial effort brought a Mad Men spin with a modern business suit in a striking yellow and grey plaid

Passionate about plaid: Her second attempt at fashion showcased a blend of Mad Men style with a trendy twist, featuring a bold yellow and grey plaid business suit. “Ronnie, a vibrant 90-year-old, still hits the gym more often than most people I know. She continues to be my go-to person for advice and has played a significant role in shaping me into the mother I am today,” Cynthia shared. Growing up during the Great Depression, Cynthia’s mother was resilient and unwavering, facing life’s challenges head-on. “These values were ingrained in me, shaping my approach to motherhood,” Cynthia reflected.

Finishing the look: She paired the throwback style with a luxurious chic black leather clutch and large retro shades

Completing the outfit: She matched the vintage style with an elegant black leather clutch and oversized retro sunglasses.

Cynthia acknowledged that she could have been more gentle with her daughters during difficult times when they battled anxiety. She reflected on how in the past, she would try to reassure them by minimizing their feelings and offering typical advice like going outside, getting enough sleep, or not dwelling on their emotions. Looking back, she realized that her approach may not have been what her daughters needed. She expressed a wish to have known the right words or actions to truly comfort them and help alleviate their struggles and emotional pain.

Impressive: Daring to impress, the Born This Way songstress started off the day in the chic white party dress that boasted a plunging neckline

Striking: Showing off her bold style, the Born This Way singer kicked off the day in a fashionable white dress with a daring low neckline.

Sleeveless wonder: Her tones and tanned arms were on full display as the sleeveless number covered very little skin

The sleeveless dress highlighted her toned and bronzed arms, revealing a generous amount of skin.

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