Katy Perry shines in a pink swimsuit as she enjoys the sun at Sydney Harbour

Right now, Katy Perry is taking a break in Australia while on her Prismatic World Tour. After rocking the stage for two consecutive nights at Sydney’s Allphones Arena, she took some time to unwind on a fancy yacht with her crew in the city’s harbor. Wearing a trendy pale pink string bikini, Katy showed off her stunning figure and well-defined abs as she enjoyed the warm sun. Watch the video below for all the details!

Bikini babe: Katy Perry enjoyed a relaxing day on board a luxury boat with her Prismatic World Tour dancers in Sydney, Australia on Sunday

Beach vibes: Katy Perry enjoyed a laid-back day under the sun aboard a luxurious yacht with her Prismatic World Tour dancers in Sydney, Australia recently. The well-known 30-year-old singer had her dark hair tied up in a relaxed bun and accessorized her look with stylish silver hoop earrings. Katy treated herself to some tasty ice cream while basking in the beautiful ocean scenery, engaging in fun conversations and laughter with her skilled dancers. She was also spotted unwinding with a cool cocktail on the deck of the boat.

Laid-back style: The natural beauty opted for a barely-there make-up look as she soaked up the sun

Casual feel: The gorgeous woman opted for a simple makeup style as she basked in the sun’s rays.

Ice cream treat: The Roar hit-maker tucked into a mid-afternoon snack as she gazed out to sea

Ice cream treat: The Roar hit-maker tucked into a mid-afternoon snack as she gazed out to sea

Savoring a delicious scoop of ice cream, the singer of the hit track “Roar” relished a cool treat while taking in the scenic ocean view during the late afternoon.

She's just One Of The Boys: The brunette splashed around in the sea with her dancers

She effortlessly blended in with the guys as she had a great time frolicking in the ocean alongside her dance crew. Katy continued her thrilling day by finally achieving a lifelong dream of climbing the iconic Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Donning her climbing gear, the singer and her companions geared up to ascend the landmark as the sun dipped below the horizon. Sharing her triumph on social media, she joyfully declared, ‘It happened! After imagining it for so long, I conquered your bridge tonight Sydney!’

Day off: The singer has been in Australia for two weeks and has several more concerts to go

Free day: Following a two-week stay in Australia, the musician still has some more shows scheduled before returning to their home country.

Testing the waters: The brunette bombshell seemed reluctant to get anything but her legs wet

Testing the waters: The dark-haired beauty seemed unsure about fully immersing herself in anything beyond just dipping her toes in.

Living the high life: Katy has fallen in love with the laid-back Australian lifestyle since arriving in the country

Embracing the Australian Lifestyle: Since arriving in Australia, Katy has fully adopted the laid-back and carefree way of living that is characteristic of the country.

In great shape: The popular singer has been working up a sweat most nights on stage

In excellent shape: This well-known singer has been performing on stage nearly every evening, putting in their best effort and delivering an unforgettable performance each time.

Great friends: After spending months on the road together, Katy has become firm friends with her crew

Incredible bonds of friendship have blossomed as Katy has journeyedaongside her crew for months. Extending her stay in Australia until Christmas, she jokingly dubbed herself an “honorary Aussie” to her loyal ‘Katy cats’ fan community of 60,000 at a recent concert. Commencing her Australian tour in Perth on the 7th of November, she will conclude the tour in Brisbane on the 15th of December. Katy has truly embraced Australian culture, displaying a love for the widely acclaimed comedy series Kath Kim.

Perfect pout: The 30-year-old star struck a series of sexy poses on the yacht's railings

Perfect lips: The 30-year-old star flaunted her beautiful poses as she lounged against the yacht’s railings.

Snap happy: One of Katy's female friends took a series of photos of her funny poses

Katy’s friend couldn’t help herself but take photos of Katy’s funny poses during an impromptu photo shoot, capturing her silly antics.

Did you get that? Katy was working the camera like a pro during the boat party

Did you see that? Katy was totally blowing everyone away with her photography talents at the yacht bash.

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