Jennifer Lopez, 45, flaunts her curves in a stunning blue jumpsuit while filming American Idol

Before Kim Kardashian became famous in the tabloids, Jennifer Lopez was the one making waves with her stunning curves. Even now, at 45 years old, she continues to impress as she flaunted her well-shaped behind and curvaceous legs in a stylish blue Elie Saab playsuit while filming American Idol. Walking confidently around the set in West Hollywood, California, she completed her look with tall nude heels and an abundance of jewelry, as shared on her Instagram.

Diving in: Jennifer Lopez flaunted her legs in a low-cut blue jumpsuit by Elie Saab as she appeared on the set of American Idol in West Hollywood, California, on Thursday. Later that evening, she impressed audiences in a stunning princess-style gown while performing her new song, “Feel The Light,” from the animated film Home. Known for her dynamic dance moves, Lopez showcased a new, captivating performance in a flowing white dress that covered the floor and served as a canvas for projections and lighting effects inspired by the movie.

Rejuvenated: As she casually strolled through the area with a drink in hand, she was accompanied by a few team members.

Chic: The celebrity sported a chic high braided ponytail and paired it with an array of stunning jewelry. “Can we even top that?” questioned host Ryan Seacrest in awe.

In addition to J-Lo, the upcoming Dreamworks animated film set to release on March 27 also includes Rihanna and Steve Martin. J-Lo shared with Access Hollywood that this is the first movie her kids knew about before she informed them, showing just how eagerly anticipated the film is.

Frozen in place: Jennifer remained motionless as she delivered a touching ballad during the latest episode of American Idol.

Flowing gown: The Idol panelist dazzled in a white gown that billowed out in a sweeping circle around her.

Awesome visuals: The dress came alive with images projected onto it as she performed.

You got it: J-Lo shared that “Feel The Light” marked her debut in releasing a ballad as a standalone single.

The celebrity, who has been married three times, mentioned that this was the first time she had ever released a ballad as a standalone single. “It’s strange for me to not be dancing,” she chuckled. Her appearance was part of a movie-themed evening on Idol, during which no competitors were eliminated.

Shining star: Jennifer decided to maintain her glamorous style even while dressing casually to go out for a meal following the show.

The musician was spotted leaving Cecconi’s in Beverly Hills, California, rocking colorful sweatpants and a cozy fur wrap.

The 45-year-old woman was still rocking her immaculate stage makeup while wearing a casual white top paired with yellow bottoms that had the words ‘I am happiness’ written on them by Peace Love World.

Earlier that day, Jennifer made a stylish statement with her beloved stole, but this time she spiced up her outfit with joggers adorned with stars. She confidently strutted in platform high top trainers, adding a touch of edgy flair to her look. To top it off, she wore a white T-shirt and threw her light hair up into a casually chic messy bun.

As the night wound down and she headed out for a bite to eat post-performance, Jennifer maintained her glamorous charm even when opting for a more laid-back look.

She decided to go for a pair of cozy white and gold sneakers and paired them with a big white handbag for a stylish touch.

Jennifer was definitely on cloud nine after her successful first performance of “Feel The Light” from the latest animated film Home. The performance took place just a few hours before her dinner.

The singer was spotted embracing a male friend as she exited the eatery.

The vocalist was spotted exiting Cecconnis in Beverly Hills, California, donning colorful sweatpants and a fluffy shawl. She maintained her flawless stage makeup, paired with a loose white shirt and vibrant yellow bottoms that were emblazoned with the words ‘I am happiness’ from Peace Love World. Completing her ensemble with cozy white and gold sneakers, she added a touch of style with a spacious white handbag.

Feeling a bit chilly? Jennifer seemed indecisive about the weather as she ventured outside in sweatpants and a furry stole while filming American Idol in Los Angeles.

Dressed warmly: J-Lo hugged herself tightly, looking a little chilly.

Keeping it laid-back: To finish off her outfit, she wore a white T-shirt and pulled her blonde hair into a casual messy bun.

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