Halle Berry’s Bunny-laden Easter Wishes: A Furry-fluffed Late Greeting from the Actress

Halle Berry posted on her Instagram to greet her 8.6 million followers a happy belated Easter. The actress admitted she had completely forgotten to make the post on Easter Sunday, blaming it on being too caught up with her family vacation and bunnies. Despite the delay, she hoped everyone had a wonderful day and shared a photo of herself playing with some adorable rabbits during her holiday weekend with her kids.

Halle Berry, 57, shared Easter greetings that were three days late on Wednesday, while explaining that she got wrapped up while playing with some cute 'bunnies' on a 'family vacation'

Halle Berry, age 57, took to social media to share some belated Easter greetings and explain her delay by revealing she was caught up in playing with adorable ‘bunnies’ during a family vacation. In the photos she posted, Berry can be seen in a casual-cool ensemble, wearing tattered blue jeans, a white jacket, black sneakers, a Panama hat, and cool dark sunglasses as she engages with nine cute rabbits inside an animal coop. One of her children, either daughter Nahla or son Maceo, is also captured in the picture in a yellow hoodie, joining in on the fun. Berry, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, welcomed Nahla with her ex-partner Gabriel Aubry before having her son Maceo with ex-husband Olivier Martinez. While she didn’t mention her current partner, Van Hunt, in the post, Berry confirmed their relationship in a social media post, and the couple made their red carpet debut at the Oscars in April 2021.

Berry would follow up and share other photos of some of the bunnies gathered around during play time in the animal coop

Berry will provide updates by posting additional pictures of the bunnies hanging out and playing in the animal enclosure.

The Oscar-winning actress said she forgot to wish her 8.6 million Instagram fans and followers a happy Easter because she got engulfed with her kids while on a 'family vacation'

The actress who won an Oscar mentioned that she completely forgot to wish her 8.6 million Instagram followers a happy Easter. She explained that she was so caught up in spending time with her kids during their family vacation.

Her belated Easter wish on Instagram came three days late

She posted her Easter greeting on Instagram a few days after the holiday had passed.

Like many of her adoring fans, the rabbits seemed to be mesmerized by Berry

Just like her devoted followers, the rabbits appeared captivated by Berry’s presence.

She didn't mention it in her belated Easter post if her current partner, Van Hunt, was on hand for the 'family vacation' over the holiday

In her delayed Easter update, she didn’t specify whether her current beau, Van Hunt, joined in on the ‘family getaway’ during the holiday period.

The Monster's Ball star met the Our Love Lingers songwriter in September 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and they were able to grow their relationship virtually

The actress from the movie Monster’s Ball crossed paths with the songwriter of Our Love Lingers in September 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, they managed to nurture their relationship through virtual means. Fast forward eight months, and the actress publicly declared that Hunt is the one she loves the most. She expressed her feelings at the Fourth Annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television, mentioning how he has been there for her through her failures. Through her experiences, she has come to recognize true love when she sees it. Hunt also has a child from a previous relationship.

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