From Bald to Bold: Mr. Bigglesworth, the Hairless Bunny, Finds Internet Fame After Rescue

An unusual rabbit with a rare genetic disorder that causes him to be completely bald was saved from certain death and has now become a sensation on social media. The two-month-old bunny, affectionately called Mr. Bigglesworth in reference to the bald cat from the Austin Powers movies, has gained a large following online after being given a new chance at life. Cassandra Hall, a mother of two from Wodonga, Victoria, rescued the rex rabbit from a breeder who intended to euthanize him due to lack of interest.

A bald rabbit destined for death because of an ultra-rare genetic disorder leaving him completely hairless has become an unlikely social media star

A hairless rabbit facing a grim fate due to a rare genetic condition has now found fame on social media as an unexpected star.

The two-month-old bunny, named Mr Bigglesworth after Dr. Evil's bald cat in the Austin Powers films, has picked up legions of online followers after getting a second lease of life

The baby bunny, who is just two months old, goes by the name Mr. Bigglesworth, inspired by Dr. Evil’s famous hairless cat from the Austin Powers movies. Since receiving a second chance at life, Mr. Bigglesworth has quickly gained a large following on the internet.

Mother-of-two Cassandra Hall, from Wodonga, Victoria was given the two-month-old rex rabbit last week by a breeder who planned to have him put down because nobody wanted him

Cassandra Hall, a mother of two from Wodonga, Victoria, recently received a two-month-old rex rabbit from a breeder. The breeder was going to have the rabbit put down as no one was interested in taking him in.

The tiny rabbit, nicknamed Mr Bigglesworth, was born with a rare hairless gene, making him truly unique. Despite facing some negative comments online, he has gained a loyal following of 7,800 Instagram fans who love sending him fan art. Graphic designer Cassandra, 40, believes people are drawn to Mr Bigglesworth’s one-of-a-kind appearance. She was touched by the support he received, especially in response to the hurtful comments. Cassandra decided to rescue Mr Bigglesworth after seeing him in a photo from a local breeder, and when she noticed a sign saying he was not for sale, she knew he was meant to be part of her family.

But the mobile phone-sized bunny, who was born with an elusive hairless gene, has no shortage of support online and has quickly racked up 7,800 Instagram followers - who even send him fan art

The small bunny, resembling a mobile phone in size, has a unique hairless gene that sets him apart. Despite this uncommon trait, he has garnered a large online following with 7,800 Instagram fans who create and send him fan art regularly.

Cassandra adopted Mr Bigglesworth after she spotted a photo of the rabbits a local breeder had available for sale

Cassandra decided to give Mr Bigglesworth a forever home after stumbling upon a photo of rabbits for sale by a local breeder. Upon learning that the rabbit was facing euthanasia due to his rare condition, she knew she had to save him. Despite the risk associated with his illness, which has only been documented in a few cases worldwide, Cassandra was determined to give him a loving home. Mr Bigglesworth, with his soft velvety skin, has not let his condition affect his health or his playful nature. While he resides indoors to avoid any injuries from rough surfaces, his newfound bunny companion, Loafy, seems to be less than impressed with sharing the spotlight.

Cassandra Hall's other rabbit Loafy (pictured) has been left less than impressed with the new addition after Mr Bigglesworth has stolen all his attention

Cassandra Hall’s second bunny, Loafy (seen in the picture), isn’t too happy about the new arrival, Mr. Bigglesworth, stealing all the attention.

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