Embracing Bunny’s Unique Journey: A Earless Rabbit Finds a Forever Home with Her Breeder

A dedicated rabbit enthusiast revealed that she chose to adopt a charming bunny as a companion when it was born without ears. The adorable bunny named Leo stood out from his eight siblings by not having his usual floppy ears. Despite initial concerns about Leo’s survival and ability to hear, owner Kylie Clarke, 31, stated that the absence of ears has not impacted him in any way.

A professional rabbit breeder has shared she decided to keep an adorable bunny as a pet after it was born with no ears

A dedicated rabbit enthusiast disclosed that she chose to adopt a charming bunny as a companion once she noticed it was born without ears.

Owner Kylie Clarke (pictured), 31, was worried he wouldn't survive or be able to hear but she said his shortage of ears hasn't affected him at all

Kylie Clarke, a 31-year-old owner, was concerned about her pet’s survival and hearing abilities due to his lack of ears. However, she reassured that his earless condition has not impacted him in any way.

Little Leo the bunny was the only one of her eight siblings to enter the world without his trademark floppy lugs

Little Leo, the bunny, stood out from her eight siblings by being the only one without her signature floppy ears. While her owner, Kylie from Belfast, Northern Ireland, plans to give away the other bunnies, she has decided to keep Leo as a pet. Kylie expressed her awe at Leo’s unique appearance, noting that she had never seen anything like it before. Leo, aptly named for resembling a miniature lion, has captured Kylie’s heart with her beauty. Reflecting on Leo’s birth, Kylie realized that something was different about her from the start, as she was born without ears and continued to grow without them as well.

Kylie, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, said: 'I've never seen anything like it before'. Little Leo is pictured

Kylie, a resident of Belfast in Northern Ireland, expressed astonishment, stating, “This is something completely new to me.” The photo captures adorable Little Leo in the moment.

The homemaker and mum-of-four has been a professional rabbit breeder for more than a year. Leo is pictured with a teddy

The mother of four who takes care of her home has been breeding rabbits professionally for over a year now. In the photo, Leo is seen cuddled up with a teddy bear.

Leo is due to have a vet check this week, but seems to be perfectly healthy. Her ears could be missing due to a genetic defect.

Leo is scheduled for a vet check this week, but so far she seems to be in perfect health. It’s possible that her missing ears are the result of a genetic anomaly. The stay-at-home mom and mother of four has been breeding rabbits professionally for over a year now. Leo, a mixed breed rabbit, was born just six weeks ago. “At first, I was really worried about Leo, but after doing some research, I realized how rare this condition is,” she said. “My four kids, two girls, and two boys, are thrilled about Leo’s uniqueness. They consider it a special miracle. Leo actually gets more attention than the other rabbits!” Although there is no clear explanation for her missing ears, Leo is otherwise a happy and healthy bunny. Despite her upcoming vet check, she appears to be in great shape.

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