“Chubby Bunny: Oversized rabbit puts on a diet after being confused for a furry canine”

A massive rabbit that tips the scales at over one stone and has been mistaken for a dog is now on a weight-loss journey. Zeus, who is believed to be a Californian breed, weighs in at 1 stone and 4 pounds (8.2kg) – the same as a toddler. His buddy Nala, a Lionhead rabbit, is also carrying some extra pounds. Their owner, Sharon Close from Leicester, took them in after finding them abandoned in 2012. However, at 46 years old, Ms. Close now struggles to lift Zeus due to his size, and her neighbor was shocked to learn that the rabbit was not a mythical god but actually a real pet.

Zeus (pictured) is believed to be a Californian breed and weighs 1st 4lbs - the same as a one-year-old child 

Zeus, depicted in the photo, is thought to be a California breed and tips the scales at 1st 4lbs, equivalent to the weight of a toddler.

The rabbit was taken it by Sharon Close, from Leicester, but she is now unable to lift him up 

Sharon Close, a resident of Leicester, adopted a rabbit, but now she is struggling to pick him up. The average weight of a rabbit ranges from 0.8lbs to 4.4lbs. Ms. Close is looking to help her rabbits lose some weight by participating in the PDSA Pet Fit Club contest.

She mentioned, “Both Zeus and Nala have a love for food, especially Ryvita crackers. I also give them salad, spinach, and treats, which I hide in their hay. When I found them in the park, they were in poor condition due to their tough beginning. I wanted to make up for that by spoiling them.”

“Zeus has grown so big that I can no longer lift him. He seems uninterested in exercising or playing, even when I let him out in the garden. He just sits there.”

His companion Nala (left) is also overweight so their owner Ms Close, signed them up on a weight loss programme 

Ms. Close registered her two pets, Nala and her companion, on a weight loss program because they were both overweight.

The pets (pictured together) will now lose weight after they joined the PDSA Pet Fit Club competition

The pets, shown in the photo, are set to shed some pounds as they recently enrolled in the PDSA Pet Fit Club contest. A funny incident occurred when a neighbor mistook the rabbit for a dog, illustrating how large the rabbit, named Zeus, has become. Zeus’s owner, Ms. Close, is determined to gradually change their lifestyle to aid in weight loss and has signed them up for the competition. Rae Andrew, a veterinarian from the Leicester Pet Hospital, commented on Zeus’s size, stating he is the largest rabbit they have ever encountered. Despite his size, making small alterations to an obese pet’s diet and exercise routine can have a significant impact and possibly extend their lifespan. The Pet Fit contest will choose 15 overweight dogs, cats, and rabbits to receive a specialized diet and exercise plan designed by veterinarians.

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