Cat Chooses His Forever Human with a Special Gesture

A cat made a guy his forever human by standing on him after he’d waited nearly half a year for a home.

cat on shoulder

Georgie the shoulder cat

A friendly stray cat was found living on the streets and ready to move indoors. He was brought in to an animal shelter to look for a home, but after three months, he didn’t receive any interest.

He was then transferred to Community Cat Club for some better luck. “He came to us from our friends at Gloucester County Animal Shelter. He’s a super handsome and large 3-year-old boy,” Community Cat Club shared with Love Meow.

“He has the cutest little permanent head tilt. It does not bother him and requires no treatment but does make him look extra cute.”

stray cat rescued

He was rescued from life on the streets

The cat named Georgie arrived at his foster home and quickly settled in. He was overjoyed to have a comfy place and all the extra attention from his human friends. When he finally receivedaoption applications from a few people, they didn’t follow through.

Georgie patiently waited for a place of his own. Many weeks went by, and there was still no suitor. The rescue decided to place him in the adoption center to give him more exposure to potential adopters.

cat hopes home

After spending three months at the shelter, he arrived at his foster home

Every day, Georgie the 15-pounder would look out his kitty condo with his signature head tilt, awaiting the perfect family to show up. He would greet everyone that stopped by and try to win them over with face rubs.

“He is a very sweet boy and absolutely loves people. He likes to give them head bumps.”

sweet cat cheeks

He was friendly to everyone he came across and just wanted to be adored

Day after day, Georgie saw other cats leaving the adoption floor and heading to their new homes. He continued hoping that his turn would arrive soon, and that his special someone would come scoop him up.

“He became the only cat at the adoption center, because everyone else had been adopted.”

former stray cat

He came to the adoption center hoping his forever family would find him soon

“We can’t understand how he was constantly overlooked. He’s the sweetest love-bug.”

After three months at the animal shelter, one month in foster care, and a few more weeks on the adoption floor, Georgie finally found the family of his dreams.

cat finds forever human

After nearly half a year of waiting, his dream came true

Georgie’s new dad learnedaout his story, reached out to the rescue and drove over an hour for the deserving boy.

After a few strokes on his back, Georgie made his way onto his human’s shoulders. He sat there as if to claim the guy as his forever person.

cat shoulders sweet

Georgie walked onto his human’s shoulders and made him his forever person

“It was clearly love at first sight. We are so happy for Georgie and his new dad,” Community Cat Club shared.

After living on the streets for most of his life and waiting months for his forever home, Georgie is now reveling in his new life as the king of his house.

happy cat adopted

He has a feline sister to play and snuggle with every day and a loving family that adores him to bits.

sweet cat cheeks

He now has a feline sister and a loving forever family

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