A Heroic Act: Saving the Life of a Kitten Found Hiding in Bushes by a Compassionate Samaritan

A compassionate individual rescued a little feline who was darting back and forth behind the shrubs, and ultimately became the hero who kept him from harm’s way.

stray kitten snuggling arms

Meet Cole, the Adorable Kitten!

A short while back, Sarah Isom got a phone call from a colleague at Winston Salem State University who reported seeing a stray kitten that seemed to be in trouble. The poor little feline had collapsed on a tiled path leading up to one of the university buildings, crying out loudly for help. Sarah rushed over to the scene, but by the time she got there, the kitten was nowhere to be found.

Undeterred, Sarah searched high and low around the building, checking every possible hiding spot, even the HVAC system! Unfortunately, the kitten was nowhere to be seen and Sarah returned to her car feeling disheartened.

But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending! Keep reading to find out what happened to Cole the kitten.

stray kitten

There was a stray kitten found lying on a pathway with tiles. Sarah didn’t give up and continued to search for the lost kitten. She traced the property’s perimeter and eventually saw something in the bushes on the side of the building. It was a small gray kitten curled up in a sunny spot. Upon seeing Sarah, the kitten meowed loudly and ran behind the building, hiding about 10 feet away from her.

tiny kitten rescued

Sarah tried to approach the kitten but it kept running away, almost as if it was playing a game of hide-and-seek. The little feline eventually found refuge behind an HVAC unit and then disappeared into some bushes near the front of the building. Despite its efforts to hide, the kitten’s loud meowing gave away its position. Determined to rescue the animal, Sarah crawled on her hands and knees through the bushes. Finally, the kitten made a break for it and ran into the wheel well of a nearby parked car. But Sarah managed to quickly snatch the kitten and hold it close.

kitten sleeping in arms

As soon as Cole felt secure, he blossomed from his timid shell. Despite being out of harm’s way, nobody came forward to claim the adorable kitten. Sarah stepped up and contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue for assistance. She also volunteered to foster Cole. With a tender moniker, Cole was estimated to be only five weeks old, weighing in at barely one pound. He was covered in fleas and grime, but after receiving proper care, he was revitalized and felt like a whole new feline.

cute kitten cole stretching

Cole was extremely famished and ate his meal with haste, almost as if he was afraid of running out of time. As soon as he finished, he began to purr, indicating that he was finally at ease. Sarah later realized that the kitten had resorted to consuming plants to survive in the wild. Had he not been found soon enough, he would have surely died of starvation.

sleeping gray kitten cole

Cole’s timid nature was transformed through nourishing meals and ample love and attention. He became more affectionate, cuddling up with his foster mother, happily kneading with his paws, and drifting off to sleep with a contented purr. Sarah noticed a significant change in his demeanor of late, remarking on his newfound snuggliness and endearing sleeping positions.

kitten snuggly blanket

Cole’s voice remains strong and authoritative, never wavering. He has no qualms about expressing his “thoughts” and makes sure he is heard every time he speaks up. In addition, he has a lively and playful personality, and has been delighted to interact with our resident felines. He is also discovering how near he wants to be to our resident canine.

cute gray kitten cat snuggles

Sarah’s rescuing partner, Cole, is now flourishing in his foster home. He is growing bigger and more active every day, giving Sarah a tough time during their rescue missions. However, when he gets exhausted from all the playtime, he likes to cuddle with Sarah and take a peaceful nap. Although Cole plays energetically, he makes up for it by sleeping soundly.

playful sleeping kitten cole

Sarah’s unwavering determination to find the lost stray paid off as she ultimately saved its life. Nowadays, Cole relishes the comfort of being carried around while fearlessly exploring his surroundings.

tiny gray kitten cole

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